Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BizTalk Vs AppFabric

Lately Microsoft announced release of Beta 1 for Windows Server AppFabric  AKA Application Server Extensions for .NET 4 (Dublin and Velocity) which provide Microsoft world with first reliable out of the box Application Server.

Reading about App Fabric for the first time made me think it’s a real replacement for Microsoft BizTalk Server I've been working on BizTalk for a couple of years right now, Microsoft is using the same acronyms and terms used in BizTalk to describe AppFabric features and functionality like Long Running Transactions , Content Base Routing and Correlation which leads to the big question is AppFabric going to replace BizTalk?

Stephen Kaufman’s wrote about this in his blog and say that

The reality is that businesses will utilize both of these technologies in their different application architectures. This is not an either or decision but instead a decision of where and when to use each.


also Stephen W. Thomas talk about this in post with title BizTalk vs Dublin - Do Not Get Confused

So the bottom line my be BizTalk now isn’t justifiable for a lot of old scenarios, but it is still a big deal for other scenarios like integration with Mainframes of multiple LOB applications  etc..

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